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Ancient Books and the Mysteries of God Opened

Prophetic Evangelist Kimberly Russell Dreamt about several large books that I had. . I’m not sure how I had them. One was full of tallit of different color . One the page it was on had words in hebrew and … Continue reading

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What does the color Maroon mean?

Blest Cathy What does dark  maroon colour mean in the spiritual? Interpretation: brownish  dark red– We are earthen vessels washing in the blood of the Lamb. Also, a working of the Holy Spirit in our lives through the anointing. Blessings!

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Dream of elderly family member at a Mailbox.

Dream from Stephanie, California As I sat down to pray this morning, the Lord gave me a vision of an elderly woman.  She was standing at the edge of her property, at the mail box.  She was wearing a light … Continue reading

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Dream of a Board lite up with 4 Colors!

Dream from Joe Just want input to see what you see in this Dream! On 8-9-11 I dreamed that there was a board of some kind in front of me I noticed that it had places for 10 different colored … Continue reading

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Meaning of Feathers

BJ Gray Prophetic Dreams, Symbols and Interpretation Feather Meanings, I found a Grey Sparrow Feather, looked down there it was at my feet. Does anyone know what meaning of sparrow feather is ? I know Dove feather means hope, peace, … Continue reading

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