Take the HAND of GOD!!

Jesus Standing Before You
by Brenda Kunneman

“Call out for what you desire this day and don’t give up. Call out to Me for
the manifestation of the healing anointing. Call out and I will stand right
there before you, and I will minister to you and even put healing virtue in
your hands, says the Spirit of the Lord.”

Prophetic Scripture:
And Jesus stood still… (Mark 10:49).

In Mark 10:46-52, the blind man cried out to Jesus in such a way that it was almost to the point of embarrassment. People kept telling him to quiet down, but when they did he cried out even more. I am sure if those people are like most modern-day folks, they probably thought, “What is wrong with this crazy man?” However, his crying out was nothing more than a determination to obtain from Jesus what he needed. He wasn’t going to take no for an answer; he was determined to get a hold of the power inside Jesus. He was willing to throw all caution aside in order to get Jesus’ attention. But it was this very determined approach that made Jesus do something that probably not everyone expected Him to do. In spite of everyone telling the blind man to quiet down, Jesus suddenly stopped. The Bible says, “And Jesus stood still.” Then Jesus stood right before the blind man and gave him what he came for—his eyesight.

If you really want to see the Lord manifest for you, it takes this kind of determination that will keep calling out to the Lord until you receive. The Lord looks for faith and determination from those who will not leave without the thing they need. Keep calling out to Him. Jesus is standing before you.

Lord Jesus, I call out to You! I call out for healing power to manifest upon me. I refuse to live without what I need, and I thank You that You are standing before me to provide it. Amen!
Hand of Jesus

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