Eretz— The Promised Land!

Granny White

I’ m not exactly what I would call this if it was a dream..I was asleep when it happened an it was just one word eretz which means land in Hebrew this word has ” bugged” me now about 2 wks I asked Jesus what it means or is suppose to mean but as of yet am still wondering huh!! At the time I had never heard of the word. Hope you all can help so I can quit wondering .Thank you!


Eretz is the Land of Canaan, the Promised Land, Holy Land, Palestine ( disputed land).

Reference found in Gen 15, Ex 23, Nu 34, and Ezk 47…

Search it out and prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem.. Also, it could be a spiritual promise to your own promise land– coming into all God wants for you as a result of being grafted into the Jewish land..


Be Blessed!



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