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Good evening…I am posting this dream that my boyfriend had last week and he wanted my take on it, but I can’t figure it out.He gave me his take on it and also feels it pertains to he& I in some way. Okay.. He was at a Church service where a particular bishop was about to preach a Message That was to be televised, there were a lot of Church members, but most of Them were in the choir and few sitting in The congregation, so they were all asked to move to The center .They were …all given a project to complete, which was simple and book sized, but REQUIRED hammers & nails
My boyfriend said he proceeded to Work on his project but realized that he didn’t have a hammer, so he went to The stage to get a hammer and an elderly woman came up to The stage needing a hammer as well, so he gave her the hammer and allowed her to complete hers first and then he completed his as well. Does any have any1 insight on what his dream may mean?
Thank you.
Hammer is the word of God.
Jeremiah 23:29 KJV
Is not my word like as a fire? saith the LORD; and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?
Nails make a project or activity secure and sure and what Jesus used to nail our sins to the Cross. Your Pastor wanted your help and prayer and support to have the word he word preach and be televised to be a sure and true word that would be permanent and lasting for those who received it. Your Pastor realized he need the worship team and a certain few supporters to help him accomplish what God has called him to do.. You boy friend is a giving and helpful person, willing to sacrifice his project for another to succeed. The Lord would be pleased to look on that action of kindness especially to the elderly and it will promote him to a leader in the church once that spirit of excellence is recognized in him.. I believe you Pastor operates in a spirit of revival and those assigned the project will help flame that fire and your church will grow.
Psalm 106:18 NLT
Fire fell upon their followers; a flame consumed the wicked..
Be Blessed!
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