Bees UnderMy Feet!

I HEARD A BUZZING SOUND IN MY DREAM THE SOUND WAS UNDER MY FOOT I TRIED TO MOVE MY FOOT BUT COULDNT THEN. I saw the bees 3 of them in the spirit,1 I mind my own business 2.not a gossip I read as I was researching that it might a humming like a song or I don’t know Ii didn’t see anything good regarding bees beside the honey any thoughts I was thinking since I get attacked by a demonic spirit after praying for folks maybe it has something to do with that God Bless!
Bees make a lot of noise when they are around and are attracted to the honey ( which is the anointing in the word). So, I would suggest that you are walking in the anointing of the word of God and you are attracting the sound of pollination which is the multiply of the word.. BTW! if you are doing the kingdom work in prayer or what ever– rejoice that you are attacked because you are creating havoc for the enemy and it’s kingdom of darkness. No good soldier doesn’t fell the battle. Also, these bees are under your feet so they are limited in the ability to do damage..
Be Blessed!
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