Cleansing of a Famous Person– Batista~

Dream 2 Oct. 26, 2013 (around 6 a.m.)
There was this store front during the day that had tenants living above it. The store front was for bathroom supplies or something because it had tubs with suds in them turned over to the side with models (naked) lying in them. So I’m walking down the street, look up, and see the wrestler Batista. He didn’t have a shirt on and looked normally buff (not extremely buff like on WWE). I waved up to him and said, “Hey Batista!” He waves back and I also notice he has the menu screen of Iron Man 3 playing on his flat screen. So I hollered up to his window again and asked him for his autograph. He drew (signed) this circle and a dot on the front cover of the Iron Man 3 cover and then wrote my entire first and last name out. He threw it to me out of his window. I was excited to have his autograph. So I head home, which is right next door to Batista but on the right of him up stairs over the store front. He lived on the left by a long flight of stairs. So I get in my apt. and shortly after 2 police officers (2 men-diff. ethnicities-sounded from another country) came banging on my door (I remember thoroughly locking it before for some reason). I guess I wasn’t moving fast enough because while I am unlocking the door (a big sliding door–slide to the right–with an intricate locking system) one of the policemen busts out my window. I ask him why did he do that–I was unlocking the door! Then he starts questioning me immediately about Batista. I told him I didn’t know him personally, but he lived next door to me. He and his partner continue to ask me questions I don’t remember. Also, they never fully come into my apt. I guess I see into Batista’s thoughts or I notice that Batista sees the police while he is returning home because he starts frantically trying to get up the steps in an effort to hide. At this point I notice he is dressed in slacks and a button-up shirt. The police stop questioning me and head to Batistas apartment. They both run up stairs, bust down his door, and find noone there. I notice Batista is hiding down in the store front window with a female (nude) model. He then emerges out of the tub with suds all over him (he’s naked here now). Then he climbs out of the store front window (it’s glass–but opens out like a mailbox would onto the sidewalk–he closes it). Then he runs to the next store front right below my apt. and hides there (the same thing that happened above does again). Thirdly, he goes back to the 1st tub but this timr he is hiding out with a male (naked) model. After he’s done hiding he hops out the same way he did the first two times and the male model follows Batista to my apt. (for some reason I’m not physically there in my apt. but I still see everything going on). The male model asks Batista if he wants to have anal intercourse with him. Batista looks at him and says, “What?!” (his expression is of disgust and disbelief) He then tells the model to get out of here then my dream ends.

Very weird, but had some of the same symbols my last dream had. I also want to point out that I hadn’t watched any television in weeks, so that isn’t the source to these dreams. Also, I’ve been kept up til about 2 or 3 in the morning eagerly waiting for something. I would have tried eyes, but my body would be restless.

Thank you!

Your walk is leading you down a path for more spiritually cleaning and dedicated prayer for others. You see that others have to be cleaned-up and have the truth revealed (NAKED) for this spiritually cleansing and so will you have to except the revelation through this dream and a calling to pray for others… But you are getting distracted by the famous of this world and they don’t appear as they really appear on TV. Also, Batista playing the role of Iron Man suggests this. The Lord commissions us to “Look Up” for our redemption from Him but you when you look up you are seeing man- Batista and the name of a man and not the names of the Lord. You find your self blocking out the authority of the word by keeping the police out and trying to escape. You even end up in his apartment or where is lives spiritually. The police are after him so this implies he is doing things that are not lawful but ends up getting naked and cleansed up in the very store that for cleaning which implies a possible salvation for this man and a turn from ways of the world. It also appears to be several spiritual cleansings (dipping’s) are taking place in his life from all sorts of wicked demonic influences that Batista is exposed to in his profession. Spiritually, Batista would have all the things he is involved kept hidden and private. Finally, you are called to prayer for this cleansing and that the right laborer would be sent his way to help facilitate this process and help pull him out of the world that has him hiding, running, and exposed to perversion. So, the Lord would have you look up for the correct word to say in prayer to help the famous get cleaned up. The reason have you the autograph, it was giving you permission to intercede.
Be Blessed!
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