Dream of Me, Fiance and Ex-girfriend!

Dream from Sandra, Sweden

The other night I had a dream and I need some help to understand it!

In the dream Me and my fiance where walking when out of no w here this girl turned up. This girl was really creepy and always looking at me like if she was mocking me and she was really flirty with my fiance. I asked him who the girl was and he told me that it was his ex and in that moment she yelled out that she was the devil. I  immediately started shouting to the LORD and praying when suddenly I felt like we should run as fast as we could away from the girl so we did. Then I don’t really remember much more accept that me and my fiance where always trying to run away from the devil.


I am going to step out here and not try to offend (God always reveals what he wants to heal) BUT, I sense from the dream there is a demonic door opened in the relationship and as hard as you run from the enemy his presence shows up.. I would take a look at the relationship with your fiancé and ask God for clarity and discernment as to what is allowing the enemy access . Probably should have a peace about this before marriage for I believe this is a warning dream meant to let you know that something will always be chasing you if not destroyed before hand. The fact you are walking together brings to mind the scripture “How can two walk together unless they agree.”

Amos 3:3 KJV
Can two walk together, except they be agreed ?   ***This ex-relationship/past issues/or current shortcomings will pop up out of nowhere as you walk together which won’t make for a good long term marriage.



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