Quail flying away and my Car losing value.

Dream from Brian, Zambia

I keep losing things in my dreams. What does that mean? I caught a quail but it kept fighting until it escaped my hands. The other dream,  I was driving cars which kept depreciating in value until I rode on a bicycle……..help!


The enemy comes to kills, STEAL, and destroy. Your battle is with the devourer not yourself.. Take your authority in the name of Jesus and tell Satan and his cohorts don’t get any ideas about stealing from you.. Quail was given to the Jewish people as food prepared from the hand of God — I would suggest that what God is trying to get into your hands is trying to take flight as well as the auto ( which represent ministry) is being devalued by the enemy or the enemy working through people and their opinions of what ministry you are to have. Seek the Lord for those things you can’t seem to hang on to from the Lord as well as the ministry the Lord wants you to have. All of us have destiny and ministry for the glory of God and possibly things and people are trying to rob you of your destiny. Take no opinion from man but the Lord only..

James 2:1 MSG
My dear friends, don’t let public opinion influence how you live out our glorious, Christ-originated faith.


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