Fruit Trees — one Lemon and one Grapefruit

Dream from Caleb, Texas
I had a dream, I was passing by a large fence it was block painted white. Along side the fence were trees (Fruit trees) one lemon the next one a grapefruit then a lemon then a grapefruit then a lemon, the trees were all trimmed like a ball. rounded on top the fruit was hanging off ready to be picked. the leaves were healthy green, in the dream I said , how sad the fruit is ready and nobody’s taking it.
Lemons and grapefruit are fruits used to cleanse the body and remove toxins.. In the book of Revelation there were trees along the river bank for the healing of the nations. I believe God is talking to you about a healing ministry that you need to develop to produce the fruit of it for others to receive cleansing and healing.. We are all called to lay hands on the sick and heals all diseases and make them whole.. Start asking the Spirit of God to increase you faith, read on the fruits of the spirit, read scripture on healing and those who healed including JESUS and confess them over your own body/life to start building up your most holy faith.. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God..
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