Bride and the Lamb of God at the Banquet.

I had a dream that I was observing a wedding. I saw 2 doves decorating the church. I didn’t see the groom, but only the bride I saw white snow coming down from the roof top. When I looked at the ceiling of the church’s roof was open. I saw a Radiant light shine appeared into this church. I heard Angels sings a songs. The bride had a white dress with diamonds on her dress then I saw the snow and crystals making her veil. She had tears on her face. On her dress her heart was bright. (as a lover in the presence of the Lord). The closer the bride was walking to alter there was an amazing fragrance as sweet smells I was engage of this smell. I saw Jesus in a large table with lots of food. Jesus was in the center of the table. I felt as if I was a guest. The bride changed in a Warrior for the Kingdom of God. She didn’t have a wedding dress anymore. I woke up. Surprised…..Jesus what does this means.
 Matthew 22:2 MSG
“God’s kingdom,” he said, “is like a king who threw a wedding banquet for his son.  (end of scripture)  You are getting a vision of the coming wedding between the Bride of Christ and the Lamb of God.. Thanks for sharing, it is a beautiful vision of how we will fellowship with the our Lord and Savior..
Doves: the Holy Spirit is decorating the church. Radiant light: Jesus. Bride the church. Snow wash white as snow and crystal clear. Fragrance: sweet prayers of the saints.  Warrior bride changed to accompany the Lord at the Second coming. You were seeing the Bride after the rapture. Blessings!
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