Adultery, Sickness and Discord Dream!!!

Joe Rowland Dreams And Visions For Today
A lady wants your Revelation.
GM Pastor Joe….. I had a dream the other night about…..this lady that
lives in my neighbor hood….a few weeks ago I had went by her house
briefly…and I felt funny…so when I left I ask God Lord why was I feeling
like that… I ask Him to reveal to me why?….that was weeks ago….so the other
night I had a dream about this lady she was trying to sleep with my husband me
and everybody…she has the aids…and it was like she was trying to spend it to
everybody she possibly could… I end up getting in a fight with her…then I saw
a state trooper in my dream looking for my car but it was gone….so the next
morning when I woke up she called my house… I didn’t answer…so she stopped
by….this was very weird….could you please help me here…
Usually when the Lord in a dream shows the weakness of another person it is
directly related to a revelation of needed prayer and healing for that person.
The things identified were adultery, sickness and discord. These are all from
the enemy of our soul and prayer changes everything. Whatever God reveals , He
wants to heal and you have been called to bring about this healing through
prayer. Police usually represent “authority” and “cars” usually represent
personal ministry. The car ends up “gone” which suggests you have the potential
to lose your authority in the ministry the Lord has given you possibility out of
the fear that is related with this person.. Fear is from the devil and we
Christians are called to walk in faith no matter what we feel or what we see.
Ex: Not answering the call ( the phone rings) to confront the enemy . When the
enemy comes in like a flood, we need to raise a standard that will knock him out
of our lives and the lives of others. Dreams are never used to condemn people
created in the image of God but to bring them into the knowledge of Jesus
Christ. You may be the only one the Spirit needed to use for that woman’s
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