Dream of the Remnant Church!

To the Remnant Church:

May God open your “ears to hear” what the Spirit of the LORD is saying to His church!

March 27, 2013

I had a dream. In this dream I was in a house with a number of other people. It was a picture perfect day but something caught my attention as I looked out the window. I saw a storm coming. It appeared suddenly, out of no where! The blackest sky I had ever seen approached from the north. It rapidly swallowed the bright blue sky. Danger was on the horizon and no warning sirens rang.

We needed to get to the basement QUICKLY!

I warned the others to get to the basement. I needed to follow but I had no shoes or socks on and had to find my shoes. The others went hastily to safety while I put on my houses shoes, grabbed my cell phone, and wallet with keys for identification. “What was I doing?” I thought to myself. I should be with the others and not searching for shoes.

Next scene.

I am in the basement with the others. I looked out the window facing north. The dark clouds had lifted but tornadoes were swarming all around us. A large funnel cloud formed in front of me. I prayed and commanded it to dissipate! It struggled not to form.

The others joined me. We commanded the tornado to “DISSIPATE!” I sensed the demonic nature of this tornado! It wanted to rebel against our commands. Its purpose was to destroy all inside but it had to obey. It dissipated.

Shortly after its dissipation two smaller rope-like funnel clouds formed.

We continued to pray until the rope funnels lifted; however, the winds remained. I looked out the window and saw a man and two women inside of a hot air balloon’s basket. The balloon had separated and only the basket remained.

The winds had carried them to where we were. I saw the fear on their faces . The wind pushed them toward the house. I prayed. The basket approached the window. Using her feet the woman kept the basket from thrusting the basket into the window. They prayed. As we “united” in prayer an invisible force surrounded the basket and brought them safely to the ground. The man quietly fussed at his wife for taking the trip. The wife’s friend smiled and explained to me what the man was whispering to his wife. End of dream.


Trouble is coming from the north (North Korea??) or a massive storm?? The house represents a sanctuary or a place of safety. I, like many of God’s people are “unprepared” for the coming storm (barefoot); however, we quickly gather what is needed and head to safety.

Shoes represents preparedness; cell phone represents communication; wallet with keys represents authority or power.

Basement represents humility or the ability to go low in humbleness. This is the place of safety for the remnant church.

Through humility and “unified” our (the remnant church) prayers kept the storm from destroying our place of safety.

The man and two women in the basket represent those outside of the place of refuge. These are those entangled with the cares and entertainment of this world. They are obvious to the storm and are caught in it. As they humbled themselves in “united” prayer the angels of the LORD brought peace to the angry winds and they landed safely.

We, the remnant church, those with “ears to hear” and a heart cleansed with repentance will survive the coming storm through unified prayer and humility. We must humble ourselves and recognize the power that comes from two or more gather together in Yeshua’s name! Do not be an island in this season! There is power in united prayer! God will keep His praying church in the days ahead!

Stay connected!


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