Hidden then Released for the Lord!

From: Susan
Subject: Being released at the right moment 

Dream Description:

We had to escape. The only way would be to be by being released into the deep sea/ocean. We were shown into this place of storage meat. If we covered ourselves with the ice in the freezer room we would not be seen – the white would make us disappear in to the frozen look. I saw this row of meat hanging on meat hooks and I thought I could hang on one of these and pretend I was dead like these huge joints but I knew that wouldn’t work (there were two of us but I don’t know who the other person was and I just knew that they were there but couldn’t see them). The best thing would be to just be released but it was a timing issue. If I was released too soon there was a problem of combustion or something. I was going into this little capsule that would then fill with water and then release at the right moment but too fast and it would be a disaster. I knew I was being given an oxygen tank and all the deep-sea diving equipment I would need. Do you know I thought I would just go now and I knew that the boat that would be released would float back to where I was. I would find them in the ocean because I would be released and then it would come and its release propels it back and I would be waiting for it. That was the safest thing. I couldn’t stay were I was because that was just dangerous and after all I would be found in that freezer storage place.

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